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Travel will never be the same. Nor should it be. By finding new ways to keep you safe and organized, Ruebel is dedicated to making your journey the best it can be.

For Travel In Our New World

Ruebel is obsessed with keeping travel safe and efficient. We constantly look for the latest resources and design products to help keep you safely moving.

Think Differently

Through our shared experiences, we identify risks and pain points. We look at all options, and don't accept status quo. If there's a better way to do something, we'll find it.


So How Does The Pre-Order work?
All you're doing today is securing your low introductory pre-order reservation rate. You only pay $50 (out of $175) today and when your bag is ready to ship, you make your remaining payment.

Is the Ruebel Pilot compliant with airline size restrictions?
The Pilot complies with the regulations of most carriers. Its exterior dimensions are 22"x14"x9".

How much can I fit into my Ruebel Pilot?
There’s room for clothes (both on hangers and folded), undergarments, accessories, shoes, toiletries, and more. We use it for longer periods, but find it's perfect for a three to four day trip.

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