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​Versatile Luggage For A Changed World
Wouldn't it be nice if you could put your suit, your dress, your shirt, your jeans, even your dry-cleaning, straight from your closet into your carry-on luggage, without wasting time on packing and unpacking?
The Ruebel PILOT
No Folding, No organizing, No Packing and Unpacking!
The Ruebel Pilot is all about saving you time. Our patent-pending system allows you to take your clothes out of your closet and hang them directly and neatly in your carry-on.
"Awesome product Ruebel! Totally something I will be using on my work trips."
MatThew Cherry
The Ruebel Pilot
Will Travel Ever Get Back To "Normal"?
Although the COVID-19 pandemic will eventually pass, activities such as travel will be changed forever.

Travelers need new approaches and strategies to keep themselves safe throughout their journey. Born out of a philosophy of innovation, Ruebel strives to help make travel safer and easier.

We are honored to be recognized as North America’s Best New Travel Product Brand in Acquisition International's annual Business Excellence Awards.
Pack Your Favorite Clothes
Don't Sweat The Little Details
Travel Hassle Free!
Set Up With Ease 
No more folding and unfolding. With Ruebel you can simply transfer clothes from the closet to your Pilot.
Also, pack your shoes, toiletries, and under garments. To help you stay organized The Ruebel Pilot has removable pockets for socks, undergarments, accessories, and a separate compartment for shoes.
With Ruebel there is no need to check your bag when traveling. The Ruebel Pilot is all you need for 1-3 nights of travel.
Skip the unpacking and shuffling through your bag to find your clothes. Hang the Ruebel Pilot with ease, unzip and you're ready for a night out on the town.
"I absolutely love the concept and look forward to traveling with my Ruebel Pilot"
Mike Crofts
The Ruebel Pilot is the best carry-on bag on the market and with good reason. It's the ideal airline regulation travel bag. Travel in style, with ease and thoughtfully with our signature bag. We're here to make your journey safer & easier.
Features & Details
Our carry-on was designed to save you time and simplify your travel experience. In addition to its innovative garment hanging system, it has removable packing cubes for accessories and undergarments, and a separate compartment for shoes. 
As well, we have incorporated over-size exterior pockets for whatever you might need on the go, such as your phone, charger, travel documents, or laptop.
What Makes The Ruebel Pilot Different?
  •  Airline Carry-On Compliant
  •  Durable polycarbonate / ballistic nylon exterior
  •  Smooth and quiet wheel technology
  •  Integrated packing cubes
  •  Aircraft-graded aluminium handle
  •  TSA-approved lock
  •  Easy access exterior pockets
*We're constantly making improvements based on user feedback to make a better product for you.

Airline Compliant

Skip the lines and cost of traveling with extra baggage. The Ruebel Pilot is your new best friend for 1-3 nights of travel.

Durable Polycarbonate

A no-worry guarantee. Travel with ease knowing your luggage is safe and durable.
Product Specifications
22" H x 14" W x 9" D
9 Lbs
Recommended Use
1-3 Nights Travel
Suits, dresses, shirts, jeans, shoes...whatever you can fit!
Product Specifications
22" H x 14" W x 9" D
9 Lbs
Recommended Use
1-3 Nights Travel
Suits, dresses, shirts, jeans, shoes...whatever you can fit!
Designed For All Your Needs
After traveling around the world for decades, our CEO & Founder, Spencer Selhi, set his mind on improving an unavoidable pain point: packing and unpacking. Following years of research, design, and engineering, our patent-pending system is changing travel for frequent flyers around the world.
Our mission is simple: to make your journey easier. Whether you’re preparing for a short trip down the road or flying to the other side of the world, we’re focused on developing simple and innovative solutions to improve your travel experience.
Unlike anything on the market, our patent-pending system allows you to take your closet with you. Whether it’s a suit, dress, shirt, or jacket, our innovative system allows you easily take whatever’s hanging in your closet with you - even your dry-cleaning! Equally important, you won’t need to unpack at your destination. Simply hang-up your Ruebel Pilot, and focus on more important things. Finally, a travel companion as organized and reliable as you are. Designed and engineered to save you time and effort.





Meet Spencer
CEO & Founder of Ruebel
To say that I never thought I would pursue an entrepreneurial path would be a cliche. It would also be completely true. From the time I took my first plane ride at the age of 4, I knew I wanted to be a pilot. The thrill of venturing to a new place at thirty thousand feet left an impression on me. I went for my dreams with full force - I joined the military, flew demanding missions, and experienced many of the extremes this planet can offer. I’ve had an exciting 20 years flying around the world and serving my country, but one aspect of travelling has led me on this new venture.
Pulling-back on the controls and lifting-off the ground never gets old, and neither does exploring a new destination. Pulling clothes out of a closet or drawer, stuffing them into one bag or another, sifting through a messy duffle bag - these activities are, for better or for worse, a normal consequence of travel: the inefficient, cumbersome and annoying process known as packing. I knew for years there had to be a way to improve it, but I was too busy flying missions to do anything about it.

Then, following a six month deployment, came a terrible fate: I was posted to a ground job. While no pilot is happy to leave the cockpit for a desk, it allowed me to be exposed to things I barely knew existed. Coming home every night gave me a little more time to think, and enabled me to find a solution to the packing problem.

I looked everywhere for a product that could help. There were a few products that came close, but none fully solved the problem. After months of searching, it became clear: the solution didn’t exist. I didn’t see myself as a luggage guy at the time, but this was a problem I wasn’t prepared to let-go of.

It started as a simple question: how do you make packing and unpacking easier? That question led to to more questions: who is packing? What do they need to pack? Where are they going? How long are they going for? Out of these questions came my new mission: to re-invent luggage for the most frequent of all travelers - the business traveler.

The concept developed quickly. I like to move quickly, so checked bags were to be avoided. This meant that everything needs to fit into a 9x14x22 inch box. Clothes hangers can easily fit into this box, but how does one effortlessly get the clothes hangers out of the closet and into the box? I decided the box would have to be opened-up and flattened, which led me to the need for a special mechanism to secure the hangers (and clothes) in place. Following some more measurements and sketches, I had the basic elements in place. The vision was simple - hang the luggage in the closet, transfer clothes, then zip it up and go.

I was motivated to see these sketches into action. Enter Design 1st, whose experience in design and engineering was what I needed to bring my sketches to life. We started developing prototypes, centring-in on functionality. We sought-out an established manufacturer with the expertise to produce this new and innovative product, and worked diligently to incorporate as many elements as possible to enhance traveler efficiency. There were set-backs, but each one brought learning and an improved design.

Now, after four years of meticulous designing, prototyping, engineering, and perseverance, I’m ready to show you the Ruebel Pilot — a fresh take on business travel luggage that eliminates the need for folding and unpacking. It’s all about organization and efficiency, allowing travelers to focus on their mission, not the mess in their luggage.

- Spencer 

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